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The guide said the man who designed buildings had designed the house and everything in it

Save for some important paintings by artist friends of his, which were still on the walls


The guide said he had the best job in the world. He spent all of his time here and they paid him to


The slim sofa went the length of the deep alcove in the living area


The man's oversized books had been built into the design of the bookshelf


The man who designed buildings had designed many grand buildings. Far grander than the walls he had built for himself.


Each drawer of a wooden five-drawer cabinet had been painted a different shade of blue. From


The darkest peacock feather


through blue dusty suedes


to the bright tones of a holiday sky


All this to lift your eyes and draw your attention to the ceiling


The man had designed public buildings. The places you go whilst visiting a city. The buildings that define a place and tell you everything about the people who live there


When thinking about the garden, attention was given to the view from a particular chair


A window had been put in to accommodate a painting


The man's house had become one of those places. A place to visit


To see what the man who designed buildings had saved for himself

Two-person show with Roy Voss

Andor Gallery, London

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